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Tractor Trailer – Class 1

Duration: 15 weeks

Course Description

Approved by the NS Department of Education and Atlantic Trucking Sector Council

Class One Tractor Trailer drivers are in demand across Canada. McKenzie College provides professional driver training in Sydney, Nova Scotia so you can study close to home and become part of this dynamic industry. The program includes preparation for the Nova Scotia Air Brake test, professional driving skills instruction for both urban and rural driving. Our program is developed in accordance with the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council and provides valuable work experience with a 4 week internship at the end of the program.

What makes our program unique?
The McKenzie Tractor Trailer – Class 1 program is unique in Nova Scotia. Our custom curriculum offers a 15-week program that includes extensive worksite experience and 50 hours of in-seat driving time. Our program meets the requirements of the THRSC (Trucking Human Resource Sector Council).  Our program includes air-brake instruction as part of the program and students do not have to write their air-brake certificate before enrolling in the program.Students receive industry recognized safety certifications such as PDIC, WHIMS and Load Securement, recognized by employers in the transportation sector.  Don’t settle for less than our professional 15 week course.

This program is available in both the Sydney Campus and the South Shore Career Training Centre. McKenzie College provides a modern learning environment that includes both in class and on site educational resources. The Tractor Trailer – Class One program is available monthly.

Career Opportunities
The McKenzie College Tractor Trailer – Class 1 Program is designed for those students who wish to obtain a Class 1, Nova Scotia license for Tractor Trailers.   Carriers across Nova Scotia are actively recruiting Drivers for Class 1, long haul routes. The trucking sector is one of the hottest areas of employment in Canada today with an estimated need for over 20,000 drivers.

Program Modules
Air Brakes
Pre and Post Trip Inspections and Coupling
Vehicle Systems
Driving Theory and Regulations
Professional Driving Theory
Cargo and Load Securement
Yard Maneuvers
Urban Driving
Rural Driving
Worksite Safety
Workplace Math
Communications and Customer Relations
Computer Technology and Business Equipment
Resume Building
Road Test

Applicants to the Tractor Trailer/Class 1 program are asked to provide the following documentation prior to receiving acceptance:

  • Valid Class 5 license with the N removed
  • Completed application form
  • $50.00 registration fee
  • Drivers abstract
  • Personal resume
  • Successful completion of TOWES test
  • Personal interview
  • Letter on intent
  • NS medical examination
  • Eye examination
  • Psyco-Physical and testing
  • Mechanical aptitude test
  • Submit to drug testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is McKenzie College a recognized school?

Yes. McKenzie College is approaching our 30 year anniversary as a Private Career College registered in the province of NS. Both colleges, like all institutions in NS, are registered under the Private Trade School Act. Our programs have been reviewed and meet the requirements of the Nova Scotia Dept of Labour and Advanced Education and the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council.

Q. How much seat time is given to students in the Tractor Trailer program?

Both colleges, provide students with a total of 53 hours of in-seat driving time. The minimum standard required by the province of NS is 40 hours of in-seat driving time. McKenzie College and the South Shore Career Training Centre offer the most in-seat driving time of any program offered in the province of Nova Scotia.

Q. Why is the program 15 weeks long?

The provincial standard for Class 1 driver training is 12 weeks, with a 4 week internship. Our program is three weeks longer, because we offer 13 hours more in-seat driving time than the minimum standard available at other driving schools. The extra three weeks also allows us to accommodate the extra seat time and for more flexible driver scheduling for students who may have to travel to attend the program.

Q. How do I get the experience required by the industry for employment?

McKenzie College and the South Shore Career Training Centre and all other driving schools in the province are required to offer a 4 week internship with a commercial carrier as part of the program. Top companies like Tom MacDonald Trucking, ADTS, Armour Transport, Eassons, Sysco, S&M Trucking and Scotsburn and more have all taken our students on 4 week internships and have hired many of our graduates over the last six years.

Q. Do I have to do the 4 week internship?

The 4 week internship is a required part of the course. More importantly, it is in the students benefit to complete the internship. Most companies are actively looking for drivers, and the internship is your chance to show your skills and their chance to “test drive” you as an employer. Our Tractor Trailer program has the equivalency of 2 years of driving experience in the view of industry insurers and industry stakeholders such as Trucking Human Resource Sector Council.