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Gearing Up – Motorcycle Training

Duration: Weekend

Tuition: $495.00

Available: Sydney

Available 2017 Course Dates:
(Enrolment is limited, payment is required for registration.)
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May 12
May 26

McKenzie College is proud to be able to deliver the Canada Safety Council’s Gearing Up motorcycle training program, Canada’s most recognized rider training program.

Canada Safety Council
Since 1974 the Canada Safety Council has been the leader in the development of professional, accredited motorcycle rider training programs for Canadians. The Canada Safety Council’s flagship rider training program is Gearing Up, the acknowledged national benchmark for novice rider training.

Using input from motorcycle safety professionals from across Canada and around the World the Canada Safety Council will continue to develop new, up-to-date programs for motorcyclists of all levels of expertise and disciplines.

Gearing Up
Gearing Up is Canada’s only national motorcycle rider training program. It has developed an enviable reputation both in Canada and internationally for its excellence in course curriculum and delivery. That excellence has led to several provinces allowing riders to obtain their motorcycle license without taking any skill test other than the one delivered at the end of the training program. Many insurance plans recognize the value of Gearing Up by offering insurance discounts to riders who successfully complete the rider training program.

You don’t have to own a motorcycle to take the program. The use of a motorcycle while you’re taking the program along with full tuition is provided as part of the fee. Many local course sponsors also include your licensing test as part of the course fee.

Get the most from your motorcycling experience. Take a Gearing Up program before you start your riding career. The more you know, the more you’ll enjoy riding. Contact the course sponsor nearest you for full course information.

McKenzie College delivers the Gearing Up motorcycle training program at the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney. The program begins on Friday evening and runs through Saturday and Sunday.

Gearing Up is a combination of classroom instruction and practical motorcycle exercises. The majority of your training time is spent on the motorcycle. Students should prepare with appropriate clothing for a variety of weather conditions in the outdoor field portion of the program.

Motorcycle Controls
Collision Avoidance
Rider Attitude

Each student is required to supply the following:

  • DOT Approved motorcycle helmet
  • Gloves, preferably leather. (no fingerless gloves)
  • Leather or denim jacket and pants
  • Boots that cover the ankle (no sneakers, no heels)
  • Rain gear is required in the event of rain.
  • Current NS Drivers License

Q. What if there is bad weather?

The course runs rain or shine, unless there is an extreme weather event.

Q. Do I need a helmet?

Yes, you need a DOT approved helmet, gloves, sturdy jacket, boots, and potentially rain gear if there is inclement weather.

Q. How long is the course?

The course is delivered over two and a half days, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Q. Do I receive my motorcycle license upon completion of the course?

Yes. Once you successfully compete the program, you receive a NS Motorcycle Learners License, which can be used to upgrade to a full license after 30 days.