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Basic Welding

Duration: 40 weeks

Registration: $50.00

Available: Sydney

Course Description

There is a huge demand for qualified welders in Canada. Welders are presently needed across the country, from the oil industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan to hydroelectric development in Newfoundland to the shipbuilding in Nova Scotia. According to the Canadian Welding Association, “A huge number of our current members are retiring or will be, soon.”

All McKenzie College Welding programs follow the Interprovincial Program Guide for welding. We have fully implemented the Level One objectives of the Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard, plus additional instruction to develop each student to the level that they are employable in the field. Canadian Welding Bureau testing is included in the program to provide students with industry-recognized certification.

Basic Welding is designed to develop first year apprentice welders and provide them with marketable skills to begin a career as a welding apprentice.

Included in our program is the opportunity to test for eight Canadian Welding Bureau certificates. Students do not need to pay for welding certificates separately from their tuition.

McKenzie College Basic Welding graduates who enrol in the NS Apprenticeship program will be credited with the first block of the 4-block apprenticeship program.

McKenzie College operates a state of the art new welding facility in the  Sydport Industrial park in Edwardsville, across the harbour from downtown Sydney. Students enjoy the use of individual custom welding booths and new Miller XMT350 welding stations. The spacious and properly ventilated facility provides the space and student safety needed to properly train students.

Career Opportunities
Welding is in such demand that the Government of Canada is encouraging immigrants with welding skills to emigrate to Canada. Welders and Related Machine Operators are on the list of 29 eligible occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that welders have a bright job outlook in coming years, projecting a 15 percent growth rate in the number of welder positions between 2010 and 2020. That is slightly higher than the average rate for all occupations

Program Modules

Workplace Mentoring
Safety, Tools and Equipment
Material Handling
Intro to Metalurgy/Welding
Welding One SMAW
Welding Two GMAW/FCAW
Drawings and Blueprint
Layout and Fitting
Welding Math
Cutting and Gouging
Quality Control
Welding Three SMAW
Welding Four GMAW
Welding Exam

Applicants must possess a minimum high school diploma, mature student status, or equivalent. Available in the Sydney Campus only.

  • $50.00 registration fee

McKenzie College Welding Lab Information

SMAW yes
GMAW yes
GTAW yes
Plasma Cutter yes
Main Shop Area 2500 Sqf
Grinding Stations 8
Welding Stations 16
In-house CWB Testing yes
Pipe Bevellers and Cutters
Ventilation Neiderman

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What certificates to students earn?

Basic Welding students have the opportunity to earn up to eight CWB tickets over the course of their program. Up to three seprate testing dates are held over the duration of the program where students test under the supervision of certified CWB inspectors.

Q. What equipment do I need to provided during the program?

Students are provided with a welding station and Miller welding equipment capable of Stick, MIG and TIG welding. Students must provide a welding jacket, boots, gloves and glasses. Students are also advised to buy a grinder.