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High Pressure Pipe Welding

McKenzie College, Sydney CampusHigh Pressure Pipe Welding

Course Details

Duration: 28 weeks

Registration: $50.00

Tuition: $9,990.00

Books: $190.00

Available in: Sydney

Course Description

There is a huge demand for qualified welders in Canada. High pressure pipe welding is one of the most important skills currently in demand in the oil and gas industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan. High pressure pipe welding is designed to give welders who already possess a Level One Apprenticeship certification or previous welding certification to enable them to weld high pressure pipe.

All McKenzie College Welding programs follow the Interprovincial Program Guide for welding. We have fully implemented the Level Two and Three  objectives of the Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard in our High Pressure Pipe Welding program. The NS Department of Labour tests each student to provide them with recognized certification as a high pressure pipe welder.

Career Opportunities
Welding is in such demand that the Government of Canada is encouraging immigrants with welding skills to emigrate to Canada. Welders and Related Machine Operators are on the list of 29 eligible occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that welders have a bright job outlook in coming years, projecting a 15 percent growth rate in the number of welder positions between 2010 and 2020. That is slightly higher than the average rate for all occupations

Graduates of the Combined Basic Welding and High Pressure Pipe Welding programs can be credited with the first two blocks of their Nova Scotia Welding Apprenticeship.

Students enrolled in the High Pressure Pipe diploma program will be given the opportunity to test for their Nova Scotia High pressure pipe certification. There is no additional fee for testing within the program.

Program Modules

  • Workplace Mentoring II
  • Pipe Layout Jigs and Fixtures
  • Intro to GTAW
  • GTAW FIller and Groove
  • SMAW Pipe and Tubing
  • GMAW, FCAW Pipe and Tubing
  • Advanced Welding Math
  • Advanced Quality Control
  • Special Processes
  • High Pressure Pipe Test

Entrance Requirements
Applicants must possess a minimum high school diploma, mature student status, or equivalent. Available in the Sydney Campus only.

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